Diagnostics & X-Rays

Complete diagnostic capabilities begin with the exam room where your pet’s health needs are evaluated in the proper environment. Clinical pathology services, such as blood chemistry and urinalysis, digital X-rays and electrocardiograms will permit accurate diagnosis so that appropriate treatment can be initiated.

Our hospital is equipped with state-of- the-art digital radiology. We also consult with a board certified veterinary radiologist when needed. We have our own blood chemistry machines to provide fast and accurate test results when they are needed most. In order to be up-to- date on the latest techniques in diagnostic medicine, our doctor attends veterinary continuing education courses on a regular basis.

The team at Boca Palms Animal Hospital truly cares about your pet and making sure he/she stays happy and healthy. We encourage you, our clients, to call with any questions pertaining to your pets. Whether it is a general question about a particular behavior, nutrition or for more information about a particular treatment, please call us. Perhaps your pet is having a problem, and you would like to know if there is anything you can do at home, please call us. We are happy to hear from you. In many instances, we can provide information or suggestions for you to try at home before bringing your pet into the hospital. Our feeling is “peace of mind is a wonderful thing”, so feel free to call us at: 561-395-4030.